Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the most terrifying night of your life.  A night like no other Festival of Fear is a 3-D attraction filled with all of the morbid, disgusting creatures only found within a good ol fashioned freak show.


Have you ever wandered a little too far from the path and had that fear and panic of feeling lost or followed?  That’s the exact feeling you will have when you stumble upon Devils Playground.  A nice stroll through the corn field turns horribly wrong when you come upon an old cemetery filled with the hungry undead inhabitants from long ago.  Find your way out or be trapped inside the Devils Playground for eternity.




Afraid of the dark?  You should be!  From the second you enter Darkness Falls you are completely immersed into complete darkness with no lights and just the dim glow from your glowstick to light the way.  The inhabitants have been very restless with the thought of new uninvited guests entering their house.  Every corner uncovers a new and sinister room inside this house of unspeakable horrors.


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